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        A hero is nothing but a product of his time, and by a hero a grand undertaking is created.


        裕德成长,与君分享!浙江裕德服装有限公司将打造行业“最尖端的时装企业”!这既是我们的理想,也是裕德人的希望。我们将不断的强化团队素质,鼓励员工爱岗,敬业,为优秀人才提供广阔的发展平台;我们不断改进企业的管理模式,经营范围,追求创新,让客户在选择裕德的同时选择了设计一流、品质精良时装产品!让中国服装业的发展因我们的存在而又添新光! 面对未来,我们不敢懈怠。因为我们时刻铭记,还有众多渴望通过着装体现自身魅力的客户在期待我们;还有数以千计渴望加入裕德团队的人们在企盼我们。正是这种朴素的价值观和坚定信念支撑着我们不断健康持续向前发展,我们也将以更饱满的激情和努力,迎接再次的挑战与新的腾飞。同时我们也诚待各界友人同心同德、共织蓝图,携手并肩共同开创美好的明天!

        We win our customers with sincerity, surviving with solid strength. For the last over 30 years, having been through difficulties and hardship, we look back into the past history while having many and great achievements for today, which well explains that hard work brings profit, and deserves a celebration. Yude shares its development with you! Zhejiang Yude Garment Co., Ltd aims to create “the top garment enterprise” in the field, which is our dream, and also hope of all employees of Yude. We will continuously improve team quality, encourage our employees for dedication, and to provide excellent talents with wide and broad development platform; we will constantly improve our management model and our scope of business, keep innovation-oriented, and provide our customers with garment products of first class design and high quality while they choose Yude. We hope we can add new blood to the development of Chinese garment industry! Facing the future, we dare not keep a slack hand, for which we always keep in mind that millions of customers who desire to show their charm through fantastic dressing are expecting us; that thousands of talents who aspire to join Yude’s group are expecting us. It is this very simple value and firm belief that support us to keep continuously healthy sustainable development, for which we will meet succeeding challenge and get breakthrough with more passion and effort. At the same time, we wait for all friends from all fields to dedicate heart and soul to the same cause and weave the blueprint together, and to create beautiful future hand in hand and shoulder by shoulder.

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